Guinea Pig Pellets & Nuggets

Did you know that high-quality feeding hay should make up the majority of your guinea pigs’ diet? However, they also need specially designed pellets for guinea pigs as part of their daily feeding routine. Although guinea pig nuggets only make up around 5% of their daily diet, they play a vital role in ensuring your piggies get all the vitamins and minerals they need.

What are the best pellets for guinea pigs?

There are several types of pellets for guinea pigs available. Some of the best include those that:

  • Are high in beneficial fibre and prebiotics to support a healthy digestive system
  • Contain protected vitamin C, which is essential as, just like us, guinea pigs aren’t able to make their own vitamin C and need to get a daily dose in their food or they can suffer from serious health issues
  • Contain vitamin D3, which has an important role in calcium absorption and is vital to support bone and dental health
  • Contain vitamin E, which has an antioxidant function that aids the body’s natural defences
  • Are formulated with a careful balance of minerals such as iron to support the blood, copper for nerve function and zinc for a healthy coat and skin
  • Made with tasty, natural ingredients, such as mint or blackcurrant and oregano, if you go for fruity nuggets for your guinea pigs, to ensure your piggies love their yummy nuggets!


Guinea Pig Pellets & Nuggets FAQs

What are guinea pig nuggets or pellets? Are guinea pig nuggets or pellets better than muesli mixes? Do guinea pigs need pellets every day and what amount should they eat?

Burgess’ in-house vet, Dr Suzanne Moyes MVB MRCVS, answers some of your frequently asked questions about feeding guinea pigs.

Suzanne is a small animal vet who spent many years in first opinion practice before joining Burgess Pet Care. Suzanne oversees recipe development and product production. With her dedicated teams, she ensures Yorkshire-based Burgess Pet Care makes great quality, safe, and award-winning pet foods, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Need more advice?

Beyond guinea pig pellets, if you’re at all unsure about the best way of feeding your guinea pigs or have any concerns about specific nutritional requirements, ask your local veterinary practice for advice.

You can also call our expert team, available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, on +44 (0)1405 862241 who’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, use our online contact form to get in touch.