Guinea Pig Bedding

There are all sorts of beddings for guinea pigs available – but what is the most suitable? Can you use newspaper, straw and sawdust? Or is paper bedding for guinea pigs a better option?   When it comes to choosing guinea pig bedding, you want to ensure that your precious piggies will be clean, dry and comfortable. In fact, the best bedding for guinea pigs is a cosy combination of paper-based bedding and soft, sweet-smelling meadow hay.
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The best option for guinea pig bedding

Is paper bedding combined with some dust extracted bedding hay for the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort, to help your guinea pigs enjoy the cosiest naptimes.

Although you can use an old newspaper as a guinea pig cage liner, it’s not ideal as cavy bedding or litter. If your piggies rip it up, the newspaper ink can be harmful if they ingest too much of it.

Likewise, softwood litter such as sawdust is too dusty and can affect your guinea pigs’ respiratory system. Remember that hay is not just for bedding and to ensure that your guinea pigs have constant access to soft, sweet-smelling, dust-extracted feeding hay.

Soft on little paws, Excel Nap & Nest Paper Bedding is ideal. It provides super-absorbent, odour-free, safe bedding for guinea pigs, made from unused offcuts from teabag production.

Guinea Pig Bedding FAQs

Burgess in-house vet, Dr Suzanne Moyes MVB MRCVS, answers some of your frequently asked questions about guinea pig bedding .

Suzanne is a small animal vet who spent many years in first opinion practice before joining Burgess Pet Care. Suzanne oversees recipe development and product production. With her dedicated teams, she ensures Yorkshire-based Burgess Pet Care makes great quality, safe, and award-winning pet foods for dogs, cats and small pets, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Need more advice?

If you’re at all unsure about the best way to care for your guinea pigs, or have any concerns about specific nutritional requirements, ask your local veterinary practice for advice.

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